Retreat at the Golden Heart Wisdom center

Would you like to connect to the Essence of the Senses available deep within yourself? First of all, what does it really mean? What’s the difference between the “senses” and the Essence of the Senses?

We have been using our senses since birth in an automatic manner, haven’t we? We see through our eyes without really seeing… we filter what we hear and smell to match what we know, we eat in a hurry and use touch in a very utilitarian way.

What if there was another way to connect and live our human experience? What if our senses disconnected from auto-pilot to open up to the splendor of life, to experience our life with so much more beauty, reconnecting to our Essence, our deepest Self?

Do you want to live an even more vibrant life where every day becomes a beautiful gift? How about returning to the source of Self where Universal Prosperity is a birthright?

What if it was time for you to go back? What if it was time to play and enjoy the human experience rather than survive it?

The return to Self invites us to return to the Essence of three major aspects of human life:

  the Essence of health;

  the Essence of relationships;

  the Essence of finances.

This 5-day retreat, held at the magnificent Golden Heart Wisdom Center, is an invitation to return to the source of this Universal Prosperity within you, through a child’s game… That of the Appreciation of the Human Experience through the Essence of the Senses!


5 days of cocooning at the Golden Heart Wisdom Center;

Group assistance;

Private sessions with Sylvie;

Energetic treatments and massages with Bernard;

All dinners, snacks and beverages during the retreat hours;

Time in the sauna and massage chair;

Experiences to return to the Essence of the Senses;

(2) lunch meetings;

(2) dinner meetings;

Bio-Well** energetic assessment.

**Bio-Well is a state-of-the-art technology that captures biophotons (energy at the fingertips) to do a complete energetic assessment of a person.

Are you ready to return to the Essence of who you really are?


Upon demand

5-day retreat, for a group of 5 to 7 people, at the Golden Heart Wisdom Center.

If you are interested in this retreat, please contact us at


10 000$/person *


4 payments of 2 500$/person *

* Price in Canadian dollars. Taxes applicable.  
Centre Golden Heart Wisdom
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