The Golden Heart Wisdom Center – also known as the GHW Center – is a place of rejuvenation offering various services to assist you in the dissolution of past memories, patterns, and beliefs. It also assists in welcoming the return to the essence of the ultimate lifestyle, at the heart of Neutrality. 

The Center offers in-person group and private assistance in a gentle, comfortable spa-like atmosphere that honors all health regulations.

The Center offers clients worldwide a virtual experience through online memberships and activities.


Cocooning Package

Cocooning Packages

Cocooning packages are a powerful combination of science and consciousness. They consist of energetic treatments and/or massage therapy with Bernard along with luxurious Charme d’Orient products, a complete Bio-Well energy assessment, private one-on-one sessions with Sylvie, a bottle of structured and imprinted water containing personalized vibrations, Energetic Harmonizations and much more!



Group, private or semi-private workshops allow you to welcome expansion in all areas of your life through specific themes such as conscious co-creation, the cycle of creation, relationships, finances, health, time, work, family, etc.



Private or semi-private group retreats offer the opportunity to return to the heart of oneself through the experience of 5 days of assistance on themes of expansion. These retreats include meals, energetic treatments, scientific tools, and Cocooning moments at the GHW Center.


Feasts & Conversations

Feasts & Conversation are an opportunity to enjoy a delectable meal as a group at the GHW Center while exchanging ideas on various themes with the direct assistance of Sylvie and Bernard.


Virtual Memberships

The purpose of the virtual memberships is to allow you to experience the cocoon of Pure Love and all the Qualities of the Heart that physically vibrate within the GHW Center along with conversations where we’ll address mastery topics.

“Plenitude in all of its forms manifests itself through the Appreciation of every moment of Life!” – Sylvie Olivier
Centre Golden Heart Wisdom