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About us

Bioenergetics Specialist, Bio-Well Specialist, HeartMath Certified Mentor and Trainer, Sylvie Olivier, and her husband, Bernard Therien, Massage Therapy Practitioner, are assisting Humanity in the dissolution of ancient belief systems, lifestyles, crystallized emotions and mental archives to welcome the freedom of a harmonious, fluid and abundant lifestyle.

From 2015 to 2018, Sylvie and Bernard hosted several events on the Caribbean island of St. Martin for clients from various countries. Following the events of Hurricane Irma, which was closely followed by the global pandemic, they were inspired to create a Golden Heart Wisdom Center in their home in Canada, which had become quite large after their children had flown the coop.

The Golden Heart Wisdom Center officially opened in May 2021 and ever since, Sylvie and Bernard have felt privileged and honoured to welcome participants of Cocooning packages, Workshops, Retreats and Feasts & Conversations to share the wonderful energy that prevails at the Center.


About Sylvie Olivier

Through her vast experience and years of study, Sylvie has assisted humanity – one human being at a time – to reconnect with their heart, that sacred space within each of us where everything is possible. This space of high vibrational frequency transmutes ancient beliefs and patterns of behavior, fears, heaviness and emotions into profound joy and the freedom to express the very best of ourselves.



About Bernard Thérien

As a child, Bernard felt energy in his hands very early on. However, out of fear, he quickly hid it, because touching people was not an option… It was forbidden! Then, one day he was invaded by a feeling of well-being… he had just met Sylvie. By her side, he rediscovered the gift that had been within him since childhood. Alchemy is now part of his daily life and, with his unique gift, he assists humanity in dissolving resistance and internal conflicts to fully embrace the ultimate lifestyle.


Centre Golden Heart Wisdom
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