January to December 2024

Ahhh! At last… my heart’s vibrating so strongly! I’ve been talking about, feeling, and preparing for philanthropy of the heart for several years now… and you’ll have gathered that I’m talking here about TRUE philanthropy, that which passes through oneself, for oneself, and for Humanity, no matter how big or small.

Living the highest potential of philanthropy involves all elements of a life lived in connection with the heart.

A Philanthropist of the Heart is a MasterHeart in Action!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business project, a professional project or a personal project, as soon as a project has the potential to assist Humanity by expressing the Qualities of the Heart, it becomes a philanthropic project of the heart!!!!

Over the years, we’ve assisted many people in connecting to the heart in different ways through various invitations.

2024 offers us the opportunity to unite ALL these invitations under a single banner, that of the Philanthropist of the Heart – MasterHeart in Action, because starting in January 2024 the heart will regain its letters of nobility!!!!

The following is the biography of the GHW toolbox… 🙂

2016: the Cycle of Creation was born as an assistance tool to honor the natural cycle of every project: Receive – Decode – Share – Manifest.

2017: the “What if Money was your best friend… how would you treat it?” program set the table for our relationship with money and laid the foundation for a new way of seeing it.

2018: The Plenitude Effect is the basis of absolutely everything we share… in 2018, we started a program to befriend and explore the Qualities of the Heart.

2019: The Cycle of Creation expanded to become the Cycle of Creation in Action; an expansive version offering the Cycle of Creation of the Invisible, Hybrid and Integrated Foursome, assisting us in seeing with clarity the blockages and distortions impacting our projects.

2019: Plenitude Money came to fruition and offered a new vision of money INFUSED with the Qualities of the Heart.

2019: the Vibrational Signal Blueprint was co-created to open the way from the mind to the heart.

2020: Universal Prosperity opened up to us in the form of a quiz and expanded with its four wheels and the Prosperity Formula game.

2021: the Prosperity Formula app was created to assist in seeing a clear, personalized picture of the 12 frequencies of Universal Prosperity.

2022: The MasterHeart program offered an array of new perspectives and concrete tools for aligning with the heart.

2023: The Manifestation in Action Experience was born, and is a powerful FEELING experience.

2023: Right now, and through December, we’re reviving these Qualities of the Heart so that they can settle in more soundly in their energetic circuits with the Qualities of the Heart Marathon Training available in the Facebook group ” Return to the Essence of the Ultimate Lifestyle.”

So, as we can see, a wonderful toolbox has been made available to Humanity.

YEAR 2024

The Heart at Play and in Action

Starting in 2024, my heart is vibrating SO STRONGLY at just feeling the potential of the HEART to expand exponentially… I’m filled with a very deep Joy!

We’re already gearing up for 2024 as we see more and more openness from Humanity, wherever it may be.

Here are the contents of the Philanthropist of the Heart Mentorship


To introduce you to the Philanthropist of the Heart mentorship, let me share a sneak peek at the ingredients in its recipe:


12 frequencies of Universal Prosperity X 12 vibrations of the Plenitude Effect

When we combine each of these 12 frequencies and 12 vibrations, we get a delightful mix of 144 strands of consciousness to explore, embrace and integrate!!!!

Add to this…

4 quadrants of the Creation Cycle X 3 phases of the Cycle of Creation

By multiplying the 4 quadrants with its 3 phases, we obtain a powerful blend for consciously co-creating an ALL-NEW FABRIC from the 144 strands.

And to complete the recipe…

An almost unlimited supply of Plenitude Money to connect to the Source of the Essence of Money and contribute to the expansion of projects to assist Humanity!!!!

Each ingredient in this recipe will be explored from the new Octaves of Consciousness available to Humanity.

These new Octaves of Consciousness offer innumerable benefits, such as a marked expansion of Universal Prosperity, Abundance as our Birthright, the Joy of Living Everyday with Enthusiasm, and total Freedom to express our Uniqueness.

An overview of proposed themes

An overview of proposed themes

Each theme originates from the very heart of entrepreneurship, which is synonymous with manifestation in action. Once again, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an entrepreneur working within your own company OR an individual committed to sharing your co-creations… the reason for being of Philanthropy of the Heart is to assist Humanity.

A wealth of new awarenesses about the way we interact with Life today will enable you to make conscious, enlightened choices in all areas of your life AND navigate with ease through these high-vibrational-frequency platforms.

At the beginning of the year, we’ll start by establishing the Foundations of Heart Philanthropy and its reason for being in connection with your projects and your Uniqueness.

Step by step, you’ll be guided to explore your Unique Entrepreneurial Vibration and the Creativity that flows from it, while feeling Joie de Vivre every day.

And as the vibrational frequency of linear time increases dramatically, we’ll Harmonize your Everyday Life and Entrepreneurship to increase your ability to feel Appreciation in every moment and to be aware of the power of this practice.

Of course, we’ll deepen the relationship with yourself and others to Create a Unique Experience with Humanity.

This will lead you to live in Expansion and feel the Wonder of seeing your Radiance amplified.

At the end of the year, together we’ll establish new practices of Heart Philanthropy for Sustainable Impact across your current and future projects.

This membership includes :

Online activities

  • (7) 2-hour group calls
  • (6) 4-hour online workshops with personalized time slots for each participant during 2 of them.
  • An Access to the ” Philanthropist of the Heart ” private Facebook group

Jan. 10 – from 1 pm to 3 pm ET (2-hour call)

Fev. 7 – from 1 pm to 5 pm ( 4-hour online workshop)

Mar. 20 – from 1 pm to 3 pm ET (2-hour call)

Apr. 10 – from 1 pm to 5 pm ( 4-hour online workshop)

May 1 – from 1 pm to 3 pm ET (2-hour call)

June 5 – from 1 pm to 5 pm ( 4-hour online workshop)
June 6 – from 1 pm to 5 pm ( 4-hour online workshop)

Jul. 3 -from 1 pm to 3 pm ET (2-hour call)

Aug. 7 – from 1 pm to 3 pm ET (2-hour call)

Oct. 2 – from 1 pm to 3 pm ET (2-hour call)

Nov. 6 – from 1 pm to 5 pm ( 4-hour online workshop)
Nov. 7 – from 1 pm to 5 pm ( 4-hour online workshop)

Dec. 4 – from 10 am to 12 am PST (2-hour call)

 An in-person retreat at the GHW Center

  • (3) Day retreat, September 9-10-11, at the GHW Center.

 Platforms and applications

  • Access to (2) memberships:
    • Philanthropist of the Heart
    • Virtual Center 2024 membership package including:
        • Qualities of Heart Marathon
        • 2024 Manifestation in Action Experience
  • Access to several GHW applications
  • Plenitude Money with a private section for Philanthropists of the Heart
  • Cycle of Creation in Action
  • Universal Prosperity
  • Prosperity Formula
  • And a few others to assist you in seeing your vibrational portrait in a tangible way 🙂

Program benefits

  • Develop a Heart-centered approach to entrepreneurship / events.
  • Create personal, professional or entrepreneurial projects that contribute to the expansion of Humanity.
  • Connect to the deepest part of our Being while receiving tools for concrete manifestation.
  • Harmonize the visible and the invisible.
  • Integrate business and human practices for sustainable social impact.
  • Foster meaningful connections with entrepreneurs and individuals sharing similar vibrant inspirations.

Combining the attributes of heart-centered living, business acumen and philanthropy, “Philanthropist of the Heart – MasterHeart in Action” Mentorship assists you complete your projects and make a sustainable impact on the world.

Thanks to a year of sharing, exploring, collaborating, and integrating, you’ll assist in sharing the Qualities of the Heart through your projects, your businesses and your unique vision.

Cost per person



$1024.13* deposit + 12 recurring payments of $625*

(*) : Plus applicable taxes for the online portion based on your location AND applicable Quebec taxes for the retreat portion.

This mentorship is offered to a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 20 participants.

Registration closes:

December 15th 2023

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us at

Centre Golden Heart Wisdom
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