Does a Conscious Co-creation 2.0 workshop makes your Heart vibrate?


During the 2-day workshop, we will explore ‚ÄúGoing beyond mental choices‚ÄĚ, allowing the residues of the egoic structure to further dissolve and dramatically increase your vibrational frequency.

We are really looking forward to deepening the experience of Conscious Co-creation with you… to feel the vibrational difference of the events of your daily life, to make your consciousness travel, while remaining in your body, to visit what is really vibrant for your heart, far beyond the mind and the egoic structure. In short, a multitude of experiences and exercises that will allow even more depth followed by an ever greater expansion.

We will assist you in feeling more clearly, through the body and heart, the various vibrations of the choices and opportunities that present themselves to you as a conscious co-creator and this, unfiltered by the ego.

We will also explore more deeply the integration of Circular and Expansive Time… and so much more!

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9 am to 5 pm (ET)


Lunch, breuvages and snacks during the workshop


$1 000.00*

* Price in Canadian dollars. Taxes applicables. 

If you have any questions regarding this workshop or your registration, please write to us at

Centre Golden Heart Wisdom
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