Conscious Cocreation Workshop

Does cocreating with the Universe in total consciousness resonate with you?


During the 2-day workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and practice new tools and breathing techniques that come from a combination of¬†quantum physics¬†and Heart Intelligence along with Ancient Wisdom.

We’ll assist you in feeling cocreation as it “integrates” within YOU and in the Universe to concretely manifest everything that resonates in your heart, no matter what the topic is: health, work, relationships, finances.

Here are some testimonials from participants who have done the workshop recently.

Registration Information



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9 am to 5 pm (ET)


Lunch, breuvages and snacks during the workshop


$1 000.00*

* Price in Canadian dollars. Taxes applicables. 

If you have any questions regarding this workshop or your registration, please write to us at

Centre Golden Heart Wisdom
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